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get crazy with the cheese wiz.

10/2/07 09:08 pm

its funny when you look at a picture of somebody annoying and in your head you cringe because you can tell/remember just how annoying they are from that picture. 

has anybody written their letters for teacher recommendations,
if so, can somebody send theirs to me,
i need an idea of what to write. write. write.

9/30/07 09:32 pm

youre so desperate.

9/30/07 05:21 pm


fuck this man.
seriously fuck this.

i like hanging out by myself anyway.

so, for my senior year, nobody is going to see me, (unless its at school)


9/26/07 08:28 pm

 womp. womp. womp...

i have to do this and i dont really want to.
too bad its not as good as it use to be
but what is 
when everything was so new.

i hope im not making you.

9/24/07 08:36 pm

 peaches come from a can

they were put there by a man

in a factory downtown...

9/20/07 09:29 pm

this sucks 
you suck

later gator.

9/10/07 09:22 pm

i dont like liars. just say "you know what, i fucked up" instead of not telling the truth so you can feel better about the realllly fucked up situation.

its sad to see that nobody likes you. you constantly lie but thats why i dont like you. youre fake. you pretend to be something youre not. your old friends try to make plans with you but you treat them like shit. i dont get my feelings hurt because i never really liked you.  

that was saved from "an old draft"... 

i wonder if i'll remember all of this...

4/23/07 09:27 pm

fuck, i was really optimistic.
too bad that can never happen.

4/22/07 06:11 pm

this school year is almost over so that means i only have a year left of highschool.
so fuck everything and let's have some fun.

2/20/07 12:32 am

people are annoying.
you annoy me.
i dont understand.
nothing ever changes.
i keep repeating myself.

all. the. time.
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